Renovate your apartment

How to beautify your rental apartment inexpensively

Your budget did not allow you to rent the apartment of your dreams or you are simply bored by the decor and the general atmosphere of your apartment, here are some tips to beautify and freshen up at a lower cost.

Refresh the paint

You can buy a cheap paint pot to repaint one or more walls in your main room, this touch of freshness will revive the general atmosphere of your living room.

If you are more of a minimalist in terms of furniture and decoration, a colored wall can make all the difference and bring joy.

another very trendy alternative is a patterned wallpaper wall, representing various patterns or scenes (palm tree, jungle, fruits ……) you will find something for all tastes and colors are now available.

Change the lights

If you have outdated or old lighting, you can modernize your interior by changing a few lights.

To keep your budget down you can look at second hand sites, but there are other brands known to be cheap to buy new.

Cover floors

You can find good value for money that will modernize a room inexpensively. You can also buy rugs to dress the floors. The advantage of this investment is that it will follow you in all your homes.

Painting the tiles

The tiles in your bathroom or kitchen are old or you don’t like them. You don’t want to invest a fortune and go for big jobs. There is a simple and effective solution: painting the tiles.

Indeed, DIY stores have a wide choice and colors of paint for tiles.

A few brushstrokes and you will feel like you are in a new bathroom or kitchen.

If you do not want to paint or are afraid of the owner’s reaction, you can choose another option – buy tile stickers.

You will find them in all DIY stores. This new trend offers more and more choices to those who want to get started in stickers.

Increase storage volumes

Rentals often have very little storage. Over time, you accumulate more and more things that you can’t put away.

You find yourself in a crowded, even messy atmosphere.

Whatever your space you can find a storage unit.

The advantage of the storage cabinet is that the top of the cabinet can only be used to store objects that add value to your decoration.

Accessorize your home

You will have found a zen and relaxed atmosphere once you have passed all the above steps. Do not hesitate to put a painting, a table lamp, or a decorative accessory that will change the whole atmosphere of your home.

Get rid of unnecessary or cumbersome things

Nothing better than to do a little sorting and get rid of all the unnecessary or bulky things in your apartment.

It will give you a feeling of fullness.